About Us

Company History

Irish Aberdeen-Angus Producers Ltd. was formed in 1995 by six Angus breeders with the aim of co-ordinating the production and marketing of their unique product on the Irish market. They subsequently formed a processing and marketing alliance with major beef processors.

Our Proud Beef Tradition

Angus cattle have long been synonymous worldwide with beef of the highest quality, recognised by retail butchers, master chefs and discerning consumers.

Angus, as a brand name, is probably unique in agriculture for its recognition both as a traditional beef cattle breed name and as a hallmark of the finest quality in butchers’ shop windows and on gourmet restaurant menus.

These hardy black cattle have long endeared themselves to farmers for their easy breeding qualities, docility of temperament and ability to thrive and mature early on simple, natural, home grown fodder. Most importantly for the consumer, the “marbling” and texture of Angus beef ensures its natural succulence, tenderness and flavour without the expensive, forced and often unnatural feeding required for producing beef in other breeds.

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