One of the keys to the success of our Group has been the high regard our customers hold us in. This customer loyalty has been gained by always achieving the correct quality product on time, week in and week out.

Cattle supplies can vary from one time of the year to another – birth dates and grass growth all affect the supply of cattle. It is important that we let our customer know the numbers of cattle we are likely to have at all times. This booking form helps us achieve this along with allowing you select the week and plant where you would most like your cattle to be slaughtered.

  1. Enter name and address.
  2. Enter the name of the factory you would prefer to have the cattle slaughtered in.
  3. Enter the date, week beginning, on which you would most likely have the cattle ready for slaughter.
  4. Under the factory name, enter the number of cattle.
  5. You may make a number of entries if you have cattle for a number of dates.
  6. This is only an estimate and can be changed at a later date.

Click here to download a booking form >>>

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