Irish Aberdeen-Angus Producers Ltd. are the sole agents to operate the Certified Angus Beef Scheme on behalf of the Irish Angus Cattle Society Ltd.

In 1997 the Irish Angus Cattle Society Ltd applied to the Department of Agriculture & Patents Office Authorities under The Trade Mark Act 1996 (application number 1051 – 97) to have the title “Irish Angus” registered under the provisions of section 55 of The Trade Marks Act, 1996, as a certification trade mark.

Kieran Lucey and his father have been members of the Producer Group since it’s beginning in 1997 and have been dedicated to Angus breeding for over 40 years.

Definition of Animals suitable for the Scheme

1. Polled Angus type cattle that carry a name Angus or Angus cross on their cattle identity card.
2. Coloured Angus cross breed cattle are acceptable only if judged upon inspection that:

  • They are polled Angus beef type carrying the name Angus or Angus cross.
  • They are finished on a Producer Group member’s farm.
  • All animals must be sired by a registered purebred Angus bull.

3. All cattle supplied to the scheme must be owned by a member of the Producer Group and must conform to Bord Bia Beef Farm Quality Assurance Scheme.

Format for Producer Group Inspections

1) Inspectors

  • Inspectors are appointed by Irish Aberdeen-Angus Producers Ltd.
  • Farm Inspections:
  • Farms are visited on a spot check basis and visits are at random.
  • A Farm Inspection Questionnaire is completed by the inspector.

2) Abattoir Inspections

  • Inspector’s Role:
  • To inspect the suitability of animals listed for slaughter.
  • To further enhance and provide back-up to the brand.
  • To ensure correct paperwork and monitoring procedures are adhered to.
  • To protect Certification.
  • Inspection Procedure:
  • Sign in and out at factory security.
  • Arrive on time dressed in Angus Producer Group uniform.
  • Check list of cattle presented by the factory.
  • Inspect suitability of each animal.
  • Inspection:
  • Make contact with designated lairage manager.
  • Visually assess cattle at unloading.
  • Check cattle suitability as per criteria.
  • Unsuitable animals notified to lairage staff by tag number.
  • At factory designated point only, take photographs and DNA sample of animals taken out.
  • Check, stamp and sign certification list and deliver to factory office.
  • Report:
  • Completion of report on time.
  • Photographs correctly linked to DNA samples, clearly identified, date, factory, etc.
  • Recording of animals rejected.
  • Return DNA sample to Angus Producer Group office.
  • Random hair/tissue samples of compliant cattle are taken for DNA analysis as a system of ensuring accuracy.
  • The decision of the Inspector after visual inspection is final.

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