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Assuring consistent supply of quality product

This supply is co-ordinated through our 7,000+ members by a full-time dedicated team consisting of a General Manager and two office staff who track and match supply of cattle between farmers and Kepak and ABP Cattle Procurement Managers. Long term plans are drawn up with supplier/members in order to ensure an adequate supply of cattle in periods of off season production.

Specification for Certified Angus cattle

  • All animals must be sired by a registered purebred Angus bull.
  • Identity cards must declare the breed of animal as Angus or Angus cross.
  • Cattle must be aged less than 30 months at time of slaughter.
  • Steers and heifers are eligible for Angus Scheme.
  • Heifer carcass weight 220kg to 380 kg.
  • Steer carcass weight 230kg to 380 kg.
  • Carcases must have conformation O= or better, with a fat class of 3, 4L or 4H
  • Grades O = upwards, fat score 2+ up to 4+
  • All animals must be polled.
  • The Producer Group Inspector will be the final judge, by visual inspection, as to whether an animal is suitable for the Angus Beef Scheme.


  • All animals must be a minimum of 70 days in the vendor’s herd.
  • All animals must be booked with the Producer Group prior to slaughter.
  • The vendor must be a member of the Beef Farm Quality Assurance Scheme prior to slaughtering any cattle.

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