AAA Bonus

  • Finishing Farmer - This farmer must produce a minimum of 50 animals in any one calendar year to qualify.
  • Suckler Farmer - This farmer must produce a minimum of 20 animals in any one calendar year to qualify.
  • Each farmer must complete the application form each year, available from the Producer Group Office, notifying their interest to participate in the scheme and the participating meat plant they choose (ABP or Kepak).
  • All participants in AAA must have completed an ICBF Data Release form.
  • The tag numbers of the animals will be downloaded from ICBF.
  • Animals need to be booked 100 days in advance.
  • Payment of the standard premiums will be made at the time of slaughter and additional AAA payments will be made at the end of the calendar year as follows:


Off Season Production


Standard Production



  • When application form is received by Producer Group, it is sent to the processor (ABP Food Group or Kepak Group) for approval.
  • Acceptance into the scheme is subject to approval by the processor
  • Animals falling outside the above AAA criteria will be paid the normal Angus bonus i.e. 10-20c/kg.
  • Animals falling outside of the criteria for either scheme will be paid the base price as per their specific grade based on the QPS system.


What Type of Animals Qualify

AA or AAX animals sired by a pedigree Angus bull which meet the following criteria:

  1. Age and weight
    Heifers & Steers must be less than 30 months at slaughter, weight 230kgs to 380kgs
  2. Grades of Eligible Animals
    Grades eligible are E, U, R, O=/+,
    Fat Score 2+ to 4+
  3. Residency of 90 days minimum before date of slaughter
  4. Maximum of 3 movements in lifetime (4 farms).