Irish Angus Producer Group are the sole agents, with an agreement to operate the Certified Angus Beef Scheme on behalf of the Irish Angus Cattle Society Ltd.

In 1997 the Irish Angus Cattle Society Ltd applied to the Department of Agriculture & Patents Office Authorities under The Trade Mark Act 1996 (application number 1051 – 97) to have the title “Irish Angus” registered under the provisions of section 55 of The Trade Marks Act, 1996, as a certification trade mark.


What does Certified Irish Angus mean?

Certified Irish Angus beef is procured by the Irish Angus Producer Group from within its extensive farmer members spread across the Island of Ireland. This is done in an organised fashion, with each member playing a role in the deliverance of continuity of supply of quality animals produced under common feeding systems to ensure consistency in the quality of the beef.

Irish Angus Producer Group, under clearly defined agreements with Ireland’s major beef processors, oversee the supply, slaughter and production of Certified Irish Angus beef from these quality livestock, resulting in the certification of this unique beef as being true to the breed and its attributes.

Careful livestock selection, inspection and monitoring of different blood lines over the past years have led to an ever-increasing ability to deliver superior eating quality beef year after year. This process is one we continue to develop and build upon using both traditional experience and modern technology.

Our passion for the future is to further enhance and develop our system to ensure that we always provide what has become known in the greater beef business as “Simply the Best Beef”, Certified Irish Angus.