Terms For Becoming A Member

  1. Complete application form and include membership fee.  This may be done on day of slaughter or may be done as part of our Easy Payment Plan.
  2. Complete ICBF Data Release Form.
  3. If not an existing member, become a member of Bord Bia Beef Farm Quality Assurance Scheme.
  4. Be proposed and seconded at a monthly Producer Group meeting.
  5. Receive Producer Group number (AAP number).

Terms And Conditions Of Membership

  1. All animals must be sired by a registered purebred Angus bull.  Members who breed cattle must maintain adequate records to verify compliance.
  2. Identity cards must declare the breed of animal as Angus or Angus cross.
  3. All animals must be polled.
  4. All animals must be booked in for slaughter with the Producer Group or a Procurement Manager in a participating meat plant who will duly notify the Producer Group.
  5. The vendor’s farm must be a member of the Bord Bia Beef Farm Quality Assurance Scheme prior to slaughtering any cattle.
  6. In the case of a livestock inspection within a participating meat plant, the Producer Group Inspector will be the final judge, by visual inspection, as to whether an animal is suitable for the Angus Beef Scheme.
  7. Agreement will be reached on an on-going basis between participating meat plants and the Producer Group on the specification for Certified cattle that receive a premium payment.  This premium may vary depending on specification type.

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